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"My darling, you are allowed to fail without being a failure. You are allowed to make mistakes without becoming one. More opportunities will present themselves, you will find hope again." 

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this is such a lovely thing to say to somebody. I think, even if someone had said this to me in my mid-teens, I wouldn’t have been able , in the various states I was in, to properly absorb the sense of it . Nice to read it now and to be able to really feel the truth of it.

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Volume Project…" by Kincső Tóth

Eternal Glory. That is what awaits the Student who wins the Triwizard Tournament. But to do this the Student must survive three tasks. Three extremely dangerous tasks.

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6 year old fan asks Sebastian a question.

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Experts told this artist her dream was impossible. It’s a good thing she didn’t listen.

fuck yeah !

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